Ornamental Indoor Grasses?

Answer In creating a soothing, tranquil home or office, many people turn to houseplants. Increasingly, indoor gardeners are favoring grass as a houseplant---and with good reason. It's easy to grow and car... Read More »

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How do I dry annual ornamental grasses?

CuttingCut ornamental grass when the grass is mature in late summer or autumn but before the grass has begun to turn dry and brown. Cut the stems with sharp garden shears or pruners.GatheringTrim t... Read More »

Ornamental Grasses in Ohio?

Ornamental grass is popular in landscaping, according to the Ohio State University Extension. Ohio gardeners use ornamental grasses for their ability to tolerate both drought and wet weather. Ornam... Read More »

Which ornamental grasses do you cut back?

Most ornamental grasses will benefit from being cut back in the spring. Cutting back in the fall or winter will not harm the plants. Most gardeners prefer to wait until early spring, before new gro... Read More »

Southern Ornamental Grasses?

Using ornamental grasses in the garden or landscapes gives southern gardens texture and form, especially in the autumn when other plants start fading. While many gardeners use the plants as single ... Read More »