Ornamental Bulbous Plants?

Answer Horticulturists use the term "bulbous" to include a wide array of perennial plants that grow from underground organs, including bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes. These underground organs allow the... Read More »

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Names of Ornamental Plants?

Ornamental plants, or plants grown for decorative use instead of functional use, provide a wide range of foliage colors, shapes and sizes. Some ornamental plants have flowers or fruits, some have b... Read More »

Description of Ornamental Plants?

Ornamental plants are the ones that have some ornamental value in the landscape and increase the aesthetics in the garden with either their foliage or flowers. Ornamental plants can be of any natur... Read More »

Ornamental Plants in Nigeria?

Ornamental plants are termed as such by virtue of their leaves, flowers, fruit, bark and scent, and are grown for the viewing pleasure of gardeners and visitors. In some countries, the growing of o... Read More »

Florida Ornamental Plants?

In Florida, pineapples are planted around the gardens and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs proliferate. Plants for pure ornamentation attract wildlife and add value to your home. It's necessary to un... Read More »