Oriental Styles of Arranging Flowers?

Answer Flower arrangements today are a mix of two styles--the European style, which features large quantities of flowers in vibrant colors, and the Oriental or New World style, which reflects simplicity a... Read More »

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What are oriental flowers?

Japanese iris Camellia Chrysanthemum Cherry blossom Water lilies Vanda and Phalenopsis orchids Toad lilies (look oriental) Magnolia Wisteria Clematis (I think)Basically anything that has the name J... Read More »

Oriental Decoration Styles?

You can use Oriental decoration styles to evoke the visuals of a specific country, or use a combination of Asian countries as inspirations for your living space. Many Oriental design elements have ... Read More »

Oriental Room Styles?

Oriental, or "Eastern" room styles and decorating elements have been common in Western countries for quite some time. Many Oriental styles and decorative objects blend well with traditional Western... Read More »

Oriental Design Styles?

Oriental design styles include décor from East and Southeast Asia. Although Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Mongolia cultures contributed to Asian style, Japan and China remain most influential. E... Read More »