Organs Used During Pushups?

Answer While doing a push up, your body should form a straight line, your head should be facing down and your hands should be approximately shoulder-width apart on the floor. The motions should be slow an... Read More »

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How can I do more pushups?

As a person who can do 100+ push ups myself. I can tell you that to reach the 100's, you'll need to train both your strength and your endurance. Meaning that you'll need to do low reps and high rep... Read More »

How many pushups?

Well, in my opinion, push-ups isn't the best thing to do if you want to bench press a large weight. I go to a local gym and work out with certified trainers. If you want to lift your own weight, st... Read More »

How often should you do pushups?

Push ups are one of the best all-around exercises for the upper body. Push ups work the chest, shoulders, triceps and even the abdomen, buttocks and back. They can provide athletes with the explo... Read More »

How many pushups can you do?