Organisms in the Triassic Period?

Answer The Triassic was the first of three periods in the Mesozoic era, lasting from approximately 250 to 200 million years ago. These years saw the rise and fall of an array of life forms. Some survivors... Read More »

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Organisms That Eat Organisms?

An organism that eats or consumes another organism for its survival is known as a heterotroph, while an organism that makes its own food through the process of photosynthesis is known as an autotro... Read More »

Could I be pregnant if I'm two weeks late for my period bloated indigestion headaches period-like cramps very sore breasts weird cravings hpt neg 11 days after missed period?

You could be pregnant. See your doctor for proper testing and care.

Sex on oct 20 nov19- light spotting the day period was due 1031 then offon period wnorm flow 5 days later sore breasts next period not due til sat -HPT yesterday is a blood test recommended?

Answer You had a normal flow period - no chance of pregnancy.

Do you get period cramps at the time of your period and no period if you are pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, that can happen, but it could also be period cramps, but you are just late this month. Take a home test or go see a doctor if you are unsure. Answer yes, ma'am