Organic Vs. Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides?

Answer Fertilizers add elements to the soil essential for plant growth. Pesticides work to kill pests and bugs that can harm the plants. For either fertilizers or pesticides, organic and chemical options ... Read More »

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Organic Fertilizers & Pesticides?

The news media and Internet have made Americans more aware then ever of the dangers posed to public and environmental health by synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Water algae blooms, development... Read More »

Which chemical pesticides and fertilizers would be best to use on shrubs there are a lot of aphids on them?

I use a mixture of dish soap and water(couple of tablespoon to a pint) in a spray bottle to kill them. Wash with water about 15 minutes later to protect the plants(spray each infestation not the w... Read More »

Organic Farming Vs. Chemical Fertilizers?

The United States has 4.8 million acres of certified organic farmland. Organic food is the fastest growing segment of agriculture. The use of chemical fertilizer can cause erosion, soil infertility... Read More »

Where can I buy some organic petroleum-based pesticides for my organic garden?