Organic Seaweed Nail Procedures?

Answer Organic seaweed nail treatments are becoming popular among groups of people who are trying to find ways to strengthen brittle or malnourished nails that are prone to breaking, flaking or bending ea... Read More »

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Nail Gel Procedures?

Magnetic rollers are hard plastic cylinders with ventilation holes, called "magnetic" because wet hair seems to stick to them without the use of styling products. While magnetic rollers can create ... Read More »

How to Make and Use Organic Nail Polish?

Organic nail polish can be made easily at home with henna powder and water. The result is a gorgeous non-chipping natural nail color that is eco-friendly and safe for your body. The color will last... Read More »

How to Make Organic Water-Based Nail Polish?

You can have beautiful nails without overloading your body with toxic substances. Organic water-based nail polish is simple to make and will leave a lasting color on your nails for months. The secr... Read More »

Is it worth buying organic seeds and what is the difference between organic and non-organic seeds?

Well, now wait a minute. If the seeds were produced by Monsanto, there are genetically modified seed. No getting around that one. You have to read the package to see where the seeds originated f... Read More »