Organic Medicinal Herb Plants?

Answer Organic medicinal herbs are plants found to have medical benefits when consumed. The use of medicinal herbs dates back to the beginning of recorded history, when ancient civilizations used such her... Read More »

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Is a culinary herb and a medicinal herb the same?

Not necessarily, they can be ,but some medicinal herbs are not culinary, and some culinary are not medicinal.Culinary - means an herb used in cooking to enhance or flavour a dish.Medicinal - means ... Read More »

How to Plant a Medicinal Herb Garden?

An herb is a plant that has a leaf, seed or flower that can be added to food, medicine or other products. Many herbs have a medicinal capacity when used to treat minor illnesses. Having a healing h... Read More »

Different Medicinal Plants?

According to Colorado State University, herbal remedies are the most popular form of alternative therapy for both adults and children. Various cultures have traditionally used a number of plants to... Read More »

Types of Medicinal Plants?

Before the advent of modern medicine, local plants with medicinal properties often served as the most powerful agents in a traditional healer's repertoire. Indigenous people around the world still ... Read More »