Oregon Trail Games for 5th Graders?

Answer In the 1800s, the Oregon Trail was the only practical, relatively accessible pathway to the western United States. Between 1843 and 1869, more than half a million pioneers traveled west on the Oreg... Read More »

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Where does the oregon trail end?

On One Hand: The Oregon Trail Ends At the Willamette ValleyThe Oregon Trail would officially end at the Willamette Valley in Oregon City, Oregon. Travelers would travel the Columbia River through t... Read More »

What is the Oregon Trail?

For many years, the Oregon Trail was the only practical route for people to travel to the western United States. Pioneers traveled this corridor to settle in what are now the states of Washington,... Read More »

How to Use the "Oregon Trail" ROM?

The "Oregon Trail" is an educational computer game that pitted you against the harsh life of the 1800s. Travel from the town of Independence all the way to Oregon City, hunting for food, crossing o... Read More »

What did people do when they were on the Oregon Trail?

Traveling the Oregon Trail in the 19th century had moments of excitement, but it was largely a monotonous daily routine filled with hardships and exhausting physical endeavors. There were elements ... Read More »