Oregon Labor Laws Regarding Breaks?

Answer Oregon's labor laws are among the most employee-friendly in the country regarding workday breaks. The state's laws are more specific about mandating both paid rest periods and full meal breaks than... Read More »

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California Labor Laws Regarding Breaks & Mealtimes?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act does not mandate break times or lunch breaks. However, the California Labor Code has created break and lunch rest per... Read More »

Labor Laws for Michigan Regarding Breaks & Lunches?

Michigan labor law is constructed as a mirror of federal regulations regarding meal breaks for workers across the state. The state also has its own laws in place to protect workers from employers t... Read More »

Texas Labor Laws Regarding Overtime Pay & Contract Labor?

All employees in Texas and in the United States are protected by a multitude of labor laws. This includes a law guaranteeing overtime pay, which is typically regular wages plus one half for most em... Read More »

Florida Labor Laws on Breaks?

While the 2010 Florida statutes address the issue of breaks with regard only to minors, the U.S. Department of Labor does provide some guidance for employers and adult workers. Under the Fair Labor... Read More »