Ordinal Number Activities for Kindergarten?

Answer Ordinal numbers are those which designate placement. They are usually similar to the numerical digits they represent. Children are aware of ordinal numbers at an early age because they've heard tea... Read More »

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How to Teach Ordinal Positions to Kindergarten?

Teaching ordinal numbers and their positions to kindergarten students can be a challenge since most kindergartners have only just mastered counting and numbers. Young children learn best when they ... Read More »

Number Activities for Kindergarten?

Number sense is one of the key concepts kindergartners need to learn before they can continue on to perform higher math skills. This means that much of a kindergarten math class is spent learning a... Read More »

Number Sense Activities for Kindergarten?

Number sense is not a unit that can be taught in a semester of kindergarten; instead, it is a general concept that children build upon with every year of schooling. Number sense allows children to ... Read More »

Number Identification Activities for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten objectives for mathematics usually include learning to recognize and identify numbers up to 10. Number identification is not limited to rote memorization of numerals -- kindergartners ... Read More »