Ordering cigarettes online?

Answer I have ordered from duty free. com and the cigarettes were delivered and dropped off with no problem. If you are able to order them I do not see why a postal worker dropping them off would ask for... Read More »

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Ordering stuff on Forever21 online?

I don't think they would let it slide so they'll probably cancel your order if the addresses really don't match up. Usually, though, only the billing address needs to match the credit card address ... Read More »

Is it necessary to calibrate your monitor when ordering prints online?

It's not necessary, but it's the only way to ensure consistent results.

Can i buy jerky spice and cure from a store instead of ordering it online?

there is nothing special about jerky spice. it is simply a blend of spices the manufacturer finds pleaseing and is selling it.You can find tons of recipes for jerky on line. Simply find one that ... Read More »

I'm ordering pizza online from papa john's. I know it works but do I need to use a credit card?

Once you order it, It will tell you payment options. I would think you would need a credit card if ordering online.