Orange light blood menstrual?

Answer Most probably you're right, so you don't have to worry at all. Maybe the color is a bit weird, but that's all..

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FOR MEN: have you ever drank menstrual blood?

THAT'S GROSS!!! I give you the STAR for nastiest question of the day!Sandy :O(

Is it normal to have two days of light spotting and the next two days light menstrual flow?

AnswerThe answer is what is normal for you?Most women have a period that is between 5-7 days. Their first day will be medium flow, followed by two heavy days and three light days. But it is individ... Read More »

You had to take plan b 3 times in one menstrual cycle all soon after sex you spotted a lot 6 days in a row and been very stressed could you be pregnant or would you have enough blood for your period?

If semen got near or in the vagina, then yes she can. Also, you can't have dry sex naked, dry sex is when you have some sort of clothing on and there is a barrier, such as pants or underwear, betw... Read More »

I cut my finger and my blood is orange!!?