Orange juice pulp or no pulp?

Answer Doesnt matter, either way is cool...Love OJ

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Orange Juice: Do you prefer with pulp or without pulp?

Actually I love both it doesn't matter which one.As long as I get some OJ I am happy but I think I like pulp better!!!

Poll: Orange Juice.....pulp or NO pulp?

No pulp for me. I dont wanna chew my OJ. If I wanted some pulp I would eat an orange.

Why are "acidic free" orange juice, "pulp free" also?

well in all honesty who knows, it maybe the base they add to neutralize it, but i avoid orange juice nowadays because of how disgustingly its made, aka its basically water and sugar with and ”ext... Read More »

Does pulp in lemon juice also contain vitamin c?

I believe a portion of the vitamin C is in the pulp. In addition, healthy flavonoids are in the pulp of oranges thus i am assuming it may be similar in other citrus fruits. flavonoids have been li... Read More »