Orange & Black Garden Beetles?

Answer Many different kinds of beetles visit gardens. Some, such as the ladybug or the soldier beetle, are predatory and beneficial to gardeners. However, most orange-and-black garden beetles eat fruits o... Read More »

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Why do i only see lady beetles in the garden and no man beetles ?

Discrimination! You should start a support group for them lol!

How do I get rid of Japanese garden beetles?

Manual RemovalPick Japanese beetles off from tree leaves using your hands during a time when they are not moving, such as the early morning, if you have a small infestation, according to the Univer... Read More »

What are these little black beetles?

Ground Beetle 1/8 - 3 1/2in. long. head narrowet than thorax; thorax narrower than abdomen;long legs;prominent mouthparts, Habitat: nearly all land habitats, especially moist areas; often at ... Read More »

What do black beetles eat?

Black beetles eat a variety of different things. They eat some things humans consider a nuisance such as slugs and aphids. They also eat earthworms, other beetles, weevils, snails and other creatur... Read More »