Oral sex during a 12 hour fasting period?

Answer Oh yeah, go ahead and ask that! Then get back to us about being laughed right out of the doctor's office. "NPO" orders do not include oral sex...just food and drinkable liquids (and n... Read More »

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Best foods to eat night before fasting (30 hour famine)?

Am i allowed to drink water during fasting?

It depends on the reason why that you are fasting. If it's for blood work, yes, you can drink water. But,if you are having a procedure or a surgical test, then, no, you cannot drink water or food a... Read More »

14 hour fast prior to blood work. How much water can one drink during the 14 hour fast?

As much water as it takes to quench your hunger pangs! :D

Is sperm safe to swallow during oral sex?