Oral Infection?

Answer Mix some salt in a glass of warm (not hot) water and swish it around in your mouth. That should help. Good luck!

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Can you get a yeast infection from oral sex?

Yes you can!!!!!And sex and swimming and not being clean down there and lots more!!!!!

My girlfriend got a yeast infection after i gave her oral sex?

It is possible for germs from your mouth to cause a yeast infection, and it's also possible that she just got a yeast infection afterward by coincidence. A couple things you could both do to help p... Read More »

What is the difference between oral candidosis and oral candidiasis?

Both are fungal infections of the oral cavity, the only difference lies within regional differences in spelling. "Candidosis" is more commonly used in the UK and Europe, whereas "candidiasis" is us... Read More »

Oral thrush after oral sex, antibiotics HIV?

While the first answerer was not completely right (there is a chance of getting HIV from oral sex) it is highly unlikely. If you do have oral thrush, you should not be giving oral sex. Oral thrus... Read More »