Options for Renters With Poor Rental History?

Answer Renting an apartment or house can be a frustrating process, and even more so for those with bad credit or poor rental histories. If your rental history involves late payments, property damage, or ... Read More »

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Fencing Options for Renters?

Fencing can be used for a variety of functions--keeping your dog securely within the garden boundaries, stopping people from walking over your property or simply for the aesthetic look. If you own ... Read More »

Car-Rental Insurance Options?

Those who have rented a car generally listen to the agent on the basic insurance coverages and sign their initials "here, here and here." Rental agreements contain any number of fine-print paragrap... Read More »

Who should pay deductible from my renters insurance on APT rental due to water pipe burst Landlord or Tenant?

Regardless of the situation: renter, landlord, apartment building or condominium situation, the first priority is to address the clean-up. Then, phone your broker and turn the issue over to your br... Read More »

What are my options for breaking a rental lease Are the conditions set by my landlord?

You can break your lease with 2 months written notice, and you will not be obligated to pay for the remainder of the lease. But you will forfeit your security. I have done this a couple of times...... Read More »