Optimum cable channels missing?

Answer Cablevision has changed a number of their analog, unscrambled channels to scrambled digital.They announced this a few weeks ago. So, now you need a digital cable box to see these channels. Many cab... Read More »

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Where can you find a conversaion chart of Time Warner cable channels and direct tv channels?

Anyone know why I'm missing certain channels?

My best guess is that those network's digital towers aren't broadcasting strong enough to get to your TV. Or they might be having some issues with their digital tower. They might also be in the pro... Read More »

How do I Add Missing TV Channels in Windows Multimedia?

Windows Media Center manages broadcast and Internet TV on your computer. Television broadcasters and cable companies have completed the conversion from analog to digital TV. This conversion process... Read More »

I need a list of Optimum online cable modems with the exact amount of Mbps each one has?

Your modem will only use the speed it receives fromyour internet provider. The only way to speed up yourspeed is to call your internet provider and ask if theyhave a faster internet plan.