Optimizer,scanner,and cleaner are they all the same and if not which is best ?

Answer Nope, actually the scanner is the best, though other devices serve very good purposes... I would say that there is no available info of which device is best to go for.Good luck!

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Which vacuum cleaner is the best?

around 5 days but I highly suggest you freeze it.

Which is the best steam cleaner for hardwood?

Hardwood should not be steam cleaned. Virtually every hardwood flooring manufacturer states that steam on a hardwood floor in time will damage it. Forcing steam down into the seams of the floor wil... Read More »

Which tile cleaner cleans the best?

On One Hand: Soap Scum Is Easy to RemoveSoap scum is the major cause of dirt buildup on tiles in a shower. Removing this film requires a cleanser that will loosen the dirt. Any cleaner with a vineg... Read More »

Which is the best Dyson vacuum cleaner?

On One Hand: Dyson DC25The Dyson DC25's ball hinge makes it easy to maneuver around turns and diminishes time spent cleaning around furniture. It ranks as the greenest vacuum cleaner tested by Nati... Read More »