Optimax Fuel Injector Cleaning?

Answer Optimax motors are popular outboard engines fitted on power boats. These are available in two-stroke as well as four-stroke and also come with a control module, which is digital, that precisely con... Read More »

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Marine Fuel Injector Cleaning?

Marine motors are made for operating in water environments, such as on ships and boats. The marine motors most people use are either two-stroke or four-stroke engines, the numbers representing the ... Read More »

Saturn Fuel Injector Cleaning?

The fuel injectors on a Saturn, like any car, can become clogged over time. Cleaning the injectors is a simple way to restore performance and fuel economy. Restoring optimal fuel injection function... Read More »

Cleaning the Fuel Injector on a 280Z?

The Nissan 280Z was the sports car to have in the late 1970s. With a fastback design and Porsche-like styling, it was as stylish as it was fast. Equipped with a straight six-cylinder motor and manu... Read More »

How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaning Chemicals?

You can use fuel-injector cleaning chemicals to clear injectors of deposits from fuel and its additives. The products are made with concentrated detergents to break up minerals that form and clog t... Read More »