Optician has advised to wear glassess all the time?

Answer Wear the glasses or get contacts. It's far better to see clearly, than suffer the slight inconvenience of wearing glasses.

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I am 36.bp is 152/94.Dr.advised to take aten50 twice a day.will it be good taking aten both time.plz suggest.?

The medication level needs to be maintained, thus twice a day dosage. Do not take them at the same time. They should be taken 12 hours apart.

Why do women wear thongs and then flash it all the time Wear proper knickers please!!!?

being a woman myself i never wear thongs they are the most uncomfortable underwear around i have no idea why girls like to go around with a strip of elastic wedged up their buttmost women appear to... Read More »

Have i been advised correctly?

I don't know about the supplement Kalm but B12 is used to improve nerve quality.

How to Become an Optician?

An optician dispenses eyeglasses and contact lenses based on a prescription written by an eye doctor. In some areas, opticians require a license to practice. Many opticians work in a retail environ... Read More »