Opinions, was the guy right about getting a camcorder?

Answer HDD camcorders record in mpeg2 format - same as the DVD you would experience the same difficulties in editing the HDD videos.I assume that you will be doing lots of editing for you... Read More »

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What are opinions about Canon HG10 camcorder?

It's an overall nicely put together pro-sumer (not quite professional, not quite consumer) camcorder. The decision reallyl lies in two things. Do you want to be able to shoot in slow-motion, and wh... Read More »

What are the 6 different types of pools nspi talks about for diving boards and how do you know you're getting the right board and water envelope?

Answer NSPI wrote the book on diving board and pool specs. They, not too long ago, lost a gigantic law suit involving boards and pool measurements. They had to file for bankruptcy. So if they cann... Read More »

Getting a chest tat tomorrow,need opinions?

buy emla cream it freezes the area i used it when i got a tata on my back and i really didn't feel anything you can by this from any drug store its over the counter stuff and not that expencive...g... Read More »

Dancing on Ice: Did the right person win Opinions Please?

I liked both Suzanne and Chris, many felt that Chris had an unfair advantage, but on the night Suzanne totally outskated him, she soo deserved to win. My whole family were totally blown away with h... Read More »