Opinions on homeopathic medicine Do the remedies work well Any success stories?

Answer To say that Homeopathic remedies are ONLY effective on a placebo level makes no sense. Although the placebo "power of the mind" effect is a factor with ANY kind of treatment, most people seem to t... Read More »

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How good are Homeopathic doctors And do their remedies work?

Don't believe everything you read here. Some folks are brainwashed into thinking that conventional medicine is the only way to get well. Of course, that's not only narrow minded, it's utterly ridic... Read More »

Homeopathic medicine vs. modern medicine?

Ummm .. well! I am for homeopathy .. it is much more advanced in terms of healing; homeopathic remedies can also be made from synthetic chemicals. I would advise homeopathy first as complimentary t... Read More »

Can Homeopathic Medicine really help me grow?

* ADVICE FOR HEIGHTGood intake of calcium daily as found in various foodstuffs like tonned milk, banana, ragi, nachni, yogurt, my favourite nachos with cheese..a best way i cud advice is to have mi... Read More »

What is the definition of homeopathic medicine?

Based upon the principal "like cures like," homeopathy theorizes that tiny amounts of a toxic substance can act as an antidote to that substance. Conversely, medications that mitigate symptoms of a... Read More »