Opinions on girls with abs?

Answer It's not that I personally think women shouldn't have them, it just looks ugly on women in my opinion.

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I need opinions from girls do i look datable?

To be very honest you are datable..You have a good personality..

Am i fat opinions from girls and guys please?

It depends my dear on your bone mass, ex(big boned) . I am 5'10 and 145 pounds and my friend is also 5'10and 145 pounds and she looks bigger than me. I have a smaller frame than she does. Good post... Read More »

Girls..ur opinions plz.. (pics)?

Oh my god!yurr so adorable :]]keep the curls :]]

Need Girls Help! Rate Me Need Lot's Of Opinions, Scale 1-10?

7/10 thats cause you look like a kid tho i think you'll be hot when your older