Opinions on girls with abs?

Answer It's not that I personally think women shouldn't have them, it just looks ugly on women in my opinion.

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Opinions on girls with short hair?

Hi theredont be afraid to do something you want to, hey you live once and your hair will grow back if you dont like it. If you do you'll have a new style to go to.As a guy in the 20-30 range I can ... Read More »

Opinions and thoughts of girls with tatoo's and piercings.?

I think piercings and tattoos are simply stunning. Its what makes you YOU:) Ive recently wanted to get snakebites, but I'm young and my parents are the type who wouldn't let me even consider the th... Read More »

Girls..ur opinions plz.. (pics)?

Oh my god!yurr so adorable :]]keep the curls :]]

Opinions on girls wearing lipstick?

People think lipstick is for old people...But I've been wearing it since I was in 8th grade--I'm 17 in 12th grade now and I see nothing wrong with it. Of course, I prefer lip balm since it makes my... Read More »