Opinions of the new Always Infinity pad Best Pads?

Answer Omg they are amazing. They literally are like memory foam. They are extremely soft and comfy. After like 5 minutes it doesn't even feel like your wearing a pad. its definitely the best pad i have e... Read More »

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My dad got BT infinity, because everyone was talking about it and it was supposed to be the best...?

BT infinity is a con.The fibre optic they use is only in between the exchanges.You still are using a telephone line between you and your exchangewith all it's inherit problems.The BT Infinity will ... Read More »

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I accidently bought scented Always maxi pads, Will this increase a yeast infection?

Easy answer. No. They will not "increase" a yeast infection, and they will not cause or increase your chances of getting one.SOMETIMES, scented feminine products can cause irritations or rashes, i... Read More »