Opinions i need quickly?

Answer It's complicated to give an answer to this. It depends of the child's age and the action.If a 4 year old kills someone with daddy's gun, then no. Dad would go to jail.But if a 11 year old pushed a ... Read More »

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I need help :( I keep torturing myself and I really need your opinions :(?

Okay! What's the problem? If you know you're not pregnant and you checked, twice.. You go enough proof! Its normal to get heavy red periods with stomach cramps every once in a while! Its probably l... Read More »

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7/10 thats cause you look like a kid tho i think you'll be hot when your older

I need help, i'm not a champagne drinker so i need opinions on a decent Champagne that doesn't cost much?

Go for a sparkling wine rather than Champagne. Champagnes are very expensive whether they are vintage or non-vintage. You could try American sparkling wines such as Domaine Chandon from the Napa ... Read More »

I need people's opinions !!!! ?

What ever you do dont go to Boost Mobile! They are part of sprint! You will have nothing but issues with them! Dropped Calls! Slow or No Internet! Texts Wont Send On Any Phone!