Opinions about makeup?

Answer I believe in two things:1.) Society has its double standards and clings to them like a magnet on a fridge2.) Those who throw insults at those who wear makeup are either jealous/envious or suffer fr... Read More »

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What should I do with my makeup/ friends opinions?

Just do you and i watched that tutorial just now and it was realy heavy makeup so maybe u could just do a little lighter? but its realy how u want to do it so yea like i do eyeliner on the top lid... Read More »

I really need opinions on something?

um well, i wouldnt care if a guy like my feet or not. i mean that would be sweet of him to say i have cute feet,(i take complimants very easily) if the guy wanted to worship my feet then go ahead,... Read More »

I need some opinions, please.?

Well, talk to your boyfriend about this. If he is sweet then you really need to bring up his jealousy issues. I mean would you care if he texted other girls and hugged them? Think like that. Commun... Read More »

What are opinions of Blu-ray?

According to the manufacturers an everyday word can not be trademarked.