Opinion poll:Apple juice or orange juice?

Answer apple juice by far (: x

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Orange Juice Apple Juice Tomato Juice Grapefruit Juice Or Pineapple Juice Which do you like better?

They are all good but mater juice rules.Are you hanging out in my garden, just cuz it's yer B day?Hugs,Dallas

Orange Juice Or Soup Which in your opinion is better for a cold?

real homemade chicken noodle soup laced to the gills with cayanne pepper and garlic.Lots of vitamins and good stuff to help build up your body, and the pepper should boost your metabolism and give ... Read More »

Pineapple Soda Vegetable Juice Low fat Milk Or Orange Juice Which from this list do you like better?

it's a tie between OJ and Veg juice.((((Scooter)))) ◕‿◕lovecheri

Orange Soda Soy Milk Coconut Juice Or Vegetable Juice/ Which from this list do u like better?

Hi Scooter, I like Orange, but don't drink soda but do like the other 3. I just recently started drinkin Coconut milk and it's pretty yummy, but Soy is my usual as is Vegetable juice.