Opinion on free-ad ware virus scanner/deleter?

Answer There really are not any good free adware/spyware scanner. The best ones you have to purchase. The best of the free ones is Windows Defender by Microsoft. Spyware Doctor, Counterspy, and Webroot a... Read More »

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Where can i get free anti virus ware off the internet?

type in free anti virus and u willl get a list. i down loaded avg its great

To my fellow y/a contacts, how can we avoid the Mal-Ware Computer Virus tomorrow?

Turning off your computer won't do anything.If your computer is not affected by the DNS Changer trojan now - it won't be.This all happened years ago and it is ENDING on Monday.Checking your compute... Read More »

How to scan email for virus.have avg antispare ware installed in my pc.just do not know how to make it.?

AVG should auto scan emails if you have the AVG anti-virus software, you can download it free from there website. is a link at the bottom of... Read More »

How to Remove a Trojan Virus With Free Virus Cleaners on a MacBook?

While computer viruses are much more common on PCs than on Macs, that does not mean that Macs are incapable of getting infected by them. The Mac operating system is much more resilient to virus in... Read More »