Opinion about Italy?

Answer I have travelled the world. Some of that time was with Formula 1. Every visit to Italy has proved the place to be chaotic, disorganised and beauracratic. The people can't drive, the hotels are "qai... Read More »

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Why must all Yahoo! Answers about Wikipedia conform to a favorable opinion about Wikipedia?

On a personal stance, I'm relatively fond of your answers. They're witty, critical, and are balanced (perhaps unintentionally) with humor and seriousness. Unfortunately, the Wikipedia section is ... Read More »

Opinion about vegans?

In general I admire them a lot. It's not an easy lifestyle.

Your opinion about NeatReciepts?

It's "slightly" hyped. You have to pretty much carry a "receipt book" around to make sure the receipts are nice and flat so they can be scanned. It will not scan receipts that's been crunched up in... Read More »

What is your opinion about adoption?

AnswerMy opinion about adoption is if someone wants to adopt a child, go right on ahead. See, all of my children, when I get some, are ALL going to be adopted because I feel bad for the little kids... Read More »