Open/close/restart icon for desktop?

Answer It is simple enough to make a close/restart computer icon.You make a shortcut, and write "shutdown -s -f -t 0" for shutdown, and "shutdown -r" to restart. (Do not write the quotation marks)

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Does anyone know what this icon is on my desktop?

Right click on it and then select 'Open File Location', that will take you to the location of the file that it is pointing to... if it can't find the file, delete the icon from your desktop

Limewire icon on my desktop?

limewire is not's the content they download that CAN be illegal. There is a difference. I would definitely get rid of limewire because it is shareware like napster. That icon is say... Read More »

How to Rename a Desktop Icon on Mac OS X?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you need to rename and icon. For instance, when you take a screenshot, the image pops up as "Picture 1". You'd have to change the name. Or perhaps you created a docu... Read More »

Where is the desktop icon library in XP?

The Windows XP desktop icon library is found by right clicking on the desktop, choosing Preferences, selecting the Desktop tab, then clicking "Customize Desktop." Click "Change Icon" and a list of ... Read More »