Open wound - superglue kosher?

Answer I would have gotten stitches for it, and even though you cleaned it up it will probably get infected. Don't try pulling it apart. You know how super glue works, you wound would be worse off than i... Read More »

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If i use a superglue remover to remove them, is it ok to use superglue to apply false nails?

Please don't do that. It will damage your natural nails, and it'd be nice to have natural nails to attach the false ones to. And it's going to hurt to remove, even with superglue remover.

What is an open wound?

Any injury that involves a break in the skin constitutes an open wound. Open wounds require careful cleaning because of their susceptibility to infection. In some cases an open wound may require im... Read More »

I have a open wound on my finger.?

Unfortunately, you have a flesh-eating bacterial infection. These are difficult to cure and they destroy tissue at a prodigious rate.

Should I Use Alcohol on an Open Wound?

Standing outside under a stream of cool water with the scorching sun overhead is refreshing, yet standing under a hot steamy shower on a cool night with the stars and the moon as your only source o... Read More »