Open-Ended Art Ideas for Early Childhood?

Answer Open-ended art activities don't have set rules for creation, and the end result differs from person to person and with each engagement. In early childhood, this type of art encourages creative thin... Read More »

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Open-Ended Questions About Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education focuses on children from birth to about six years old. The purpose of these programs is to instill in children both specific and discrete bodies of knowledge (for example,... Read More »

Is an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development the same as one in Early Childhood Specialist?

Yes, there is a difference. An Associates degree in Early Childhood Development (CDA), has several hours of training in 8 different areas; as with the Early Childhood Specialist you have training ... Read More »

Early childhood observation ideas?

The preschool years are famous for being known as the "tell me why" years. Is it true that very young children ask a lot of questions at this age?How about observing how often you hear children as... Read More »

Behavior Management Ideas for Early Childhood?

Behavior management can be a challenge for any teacher of young children. The goal of behavior management is to encourage good behavior and create an environment that minimizes the occurrence of ba... Read More »