Ontario Building Code Act?

Answer The Ontario Building Code Act was passed in 1992. It contains provisions for constructing and demolishing buildings and issuing conditional building permits. Inspectors, acting under the powers giv... Read More »

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What is the building code for a composting toilet in Ontario?

Composting toilets, like all other outhouse and port-a-potty systems, are covered by Ontario Building Code article and regulation 350. The article covers soil thickness, groundwater protect... Read More »

Other then being a code requirement is there a reason why a plumbing system in a building needs at least one vent to the outside of the building and why not use a sufficient number of Air Admitt?

waste management vs bacteria storage To facilitate the minimum [gravity flow] activity for any type of liquid transfer application(s), [in this case, waste management], one vent will allow liquid m... Read More »

What is the telephone area code for brantford, ontario?

The area code for the Canadian city of Brantford, Ontario is 519. If dialing Brantford, or any other Canadian city from a telephone in the United States, you must dial 1 before the area code and ph... Read More »

What is the telephone area code for Ontario, Canada?

Ontario, Canada, has numerous area codes. In the Toronto area they are 647 and 416. In the London, Guelph and Woodstock area it is 519. In the Ottawa, Belleville and Trenton area it is 613. Algonqu... Read More »