Only people with macs?

Answer Drag the disc to the trash icon in the Dock, orHit the Eject key on the keyboard (the underlined triangle in the upper right corner), orSelect the disc and do a "Command-E".Hope this helps.•

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Why do people still buy PCs when Macs are so much better?

Many years ago a young entrepreneur named Mr Gates had a start up company that licensed a disk operating system to IBM. At the time IBM were pushing their own machines onto the market and Apple was... Read More »

Why Do People Choose PC's Over Macs?

PC's are cheaper and more open. Plus many jobs and schools require people to use PC's.I recently switched to Mac and I don't plan on going back to PC. Unless Apple goes under, but I see why people ... Read More »

Why do so many people hate Macs?

Let me speak to your points first...1. Yes they are expensive but for double the price of a PC you get four times the features on a MacWhat features?2. Macs run Microsoft Office 2008Let me know whe... Read More »

Why do people claim Macs are better than Windows?

It comes down to Socialization...quite literally.The fact that Macs (tend to) use only proven and reliable tech - even if it is 1-3 generations old - and have fewer hardware or software incompatabi... Read More »