Only girl question. Thanks!?

Answer This should be your routine;Eat breakfast: try like a bowl of granola and milkLunch: stay away from bread, so no samiches :P try a salad. Or soup (p.s ceasar salad is full of fat) Dinner: stay away... Read More »

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A girl legging question Girls only!?

No offense but your NOT gay?Well I can understand(if your not a troll) why it's so fun to dress in girl clothes.But I'm a girl but if I was a guy it'll be hard to wear boring guy clothes all the ti... Read More »

Vegetarian Question Thanks.?

Well vegetarians create less demand therefore less meat is ordered. If less meat is ordered the less they'd have to breed cows and pigs and chickens. The less breeding means less animals. Less anim... Read More »

Bit worried Females only please thanks?

Can someone answer my question Thanks!?

You can't use your printer as a scanner unless it's classified as a scanner. If it's a flatbed or a feed scanner, you can. If it's just a printer, or your not sure, you probably can't. If it's a pr... Read More »