Only drinking milk and water for a week?

Answer If you eat what you normally do—don't cheat!—and cut out the sweet drinks then you should be cutting back on calories, especially if you drink way more water than milk (low/non fat I'm assuming... Read More »

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How Many Ounces of Milk Should My 3 Week Old Baby Be Drinking?

The Microsoft Office suite is available in a number of different versions and licensing models. The student edition (Microsoft Office Home and Student) is one of the most inexpensive options but is... Read More »

Does the water in the loft water tank reach the drinking taps or is it only for heating?

That water is used in the cold taps in your bathroom and for the heated water you use. Don't drink from these taps.

Does Drinking Excessive Milk Cause Water Retention?

On One Hand: Common Causes of Water RetentionWater retention is caused by several possible factors, according to WebMD. Those related to food include eating excess salts in foods, such as pizza or ... Read More »

Is it dangerous drinking only mineral water?

depends on the minerals I guesssome are high in sodium- that's not good