Only Serious answers Please!!! What should I do about my computer?

Answer If your computer is running slow I'd suggest running some simple PC maintenance on it first. First lets clean up your harddrive. Double click on your "My Computer" icon. Right click on your Loca... Read More »

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i say 3 is DEFINATELY FALSEand 4 well that's REALLY subjective --- but i would go with FALSE1 and 2 are correct tho

How to get my computer to remember my answers to a contest I'm entering?

You mean Autofill..??you need to enable itOpen Microsoft Internet Explorer.Click Tools and then Internet Options.In the Internet Options window click the Content tab.Click the AutoComplete button.C... Read More »

My monitor won't start up when I turn my computer on. any answers?

Your graphics card is shot or it's unseated. Try opening up the case, removing the graphics card and then putting it back in. If it still doesn't work, then you need a new graphics card.

What kind of computer do you have *Come on lets get more than 1000 answers* Let's HEAR IT!!!!!!?

I dont know the brand but I bought on Ebay in 2001 and it works fine. Hey whats that noise ...