Only North Indian's suggest to answer?

Answer masala puri 4pcs1 katori channa masala1 cup miiti dahi1katori mixed fried vegetables

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What do north west coast Indians wear?

the west coast Indians wore basketry hats, rain capes breech clout and on winter they wear fur hats and if you want more info go to kedwfj kdelsjf

Indians along the southeastern coast of North America cultivated what plant?

The U.S. Coast Guard Tartan, though normally worn by pipe band members claiming affiliation with the U.S. Coast Guard, may be worn with the CG Dinner Dress uniforms, CG Service Dress Blue uniform, ... Read More »

Why most of the North Indians like Paranthas ,Butter and Sweet Lassi in their breakfast?

At home I used to eat Parantha daily as my breakfast, in my school lunch box and also in my dinner at night. Though don't like Butter and lassi.And now what I have become? A fat overweight guy :(

My train journey will it get confirmed or nt im from india only indians answer it.?

Less chances because the waiting list is too high. RAC is possible. But can go for tatkal also you may get easily in tatkal.