Only 1394 connection shows in network connections. I no longer see local area connection on my dell pc, why?

Answer You are having network card problems. Probably the device driver isn't installed. Remove the device from your device manager and then it will find it again and reinstall the driver for it. Shoul... Read More »

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Why won't my wired local area connection work but my wireless connection will?

check your laptop's Ethernet driver is properly installed or not,and also check the ip configurations.

How to fix local area connection on computer?

You cannot use a wireless and a wired connection to the same network at the same time by the same computer. During connecting wireless the Ethernet network adapter.must be disabled, if connecting b... Read More »

How to fix local area connection on computer please help!?

Your settings sound correct to me. Just delete the old network, you don't need it anyway or do you have an additional wired LAN? You can always create new networks with 'set up new connection or ne... Read More »

Local area connection(LAN) problem?

if it direct with crossover cable then u must make IP addresses on both computers they can be like or different number in the end like 32 or maybe 267 it may be with max 3 numbers it is... Read More »