Online social group for the vision impared?

Answer Hello,My name is James P Reardon Sr. I am the founder of BetterMember - I run an online social networking community online and still fairly new and all the members that are involved and active are... Read More »

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Were can i look for justice if i was scamed on a online college, (axia phoenix online, apollo group.?

Is it truly a scam ? Then you have legal recourse.My guess is you were sucked in by University of Phoenix' extremely aggressive (and obnoxious) recruitment activity. If that's all, you're out of l... Read More »

Social Studies Group Projects?

Social studies is taught from elementary grades through high school. Group projects give students a chance to interact and brainstorm while learning about different aspects of the society in which ... Read More »

What social group is against stem cell research?

Anti-abortion groups and some religious groups, such as Catholics who followed Pope John Paul II and the United Methodist Church, oppose stem cell research. Their concern is that embryos are human ... Read More »

How to Stop Hating on People Because of Their Social Group?

Do you find yourself stereotyping others just because they're different than you? Do you want to change that? Look no further-this article will help you.