Online piracy/file sharing?

Answer You could start by looking at current ways people go about with piracy, the laws put in place to protect software and entertainment companies, the effect it has on the industries, and other things ... Read More »

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When was online photo sharing started?

Online photo sharing started in 2004 by a team within the Ludicorp company, utilizing software created via the team's online game project, according to USA Today. Project coordinator Caterina Fake ... Read More »

What are the benefits of online music sharing?

Music file sharing is here to stay. Despite the recording industry's attempts to shut the practice down, peer-to-peer networks continue to allow music fans to digitally share their libraries with ... Read More »

How to Get Used to Sharing a Bed?

You're used to sleeping by yourself and all of a sudden, relatives come over. Now you find yourself in the position of having to share your bed, which you have not had to share in a while. Here are... Read More »

How to Get Used to Sharing a Bed With Someone Else?

You find yourself sharing a bed with someone...or you got married. Learn how to adapt to it.