Online chat?

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Where online can you chat for free, besides Yahoo! Chat?

If you have a myspace profile,the chatrooms are free.

How to Chat Online With Yourself in wikiHow's IRC Chat Room?

Want to experiment with shortcuts in wikiHow's IRC Chat Room but don't want to interrupt anyone? Maybe you want to practice but you don't want to do it in the public chat room, and you don't have a... Read More »

Do alot of bad people chat online with kids.Just like the show online bad people.?

There are bad people who want to hurt children in every town/city in every county in every state of this country, and in every other country around the world. Pedophiles are like cockroaches...they... Read More »

How to Chat Online?

Chatting online is definitely one of the benefits of having a computer, especially if you are lonely and have no one to personally talk to. There are many chat rooms on the Internet that allow free... Read More »