Online cafes or forums where nerdy programmers with nothing to do hang out?

Answer Checkout LinksWeaver (it launches this Monday 10th Sept). It's a place where creative people can meet and team up online to work on projects and ideas. It'll be perfect for what your after, it's co... Read More »

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Online Forums?

Here are some suggestions for driving traffic to your website from a forum.

How to Find Freelance Work at Online Forums?

The practice of using online forums to find freelance work and projects can be a lucrative way to take advantage of Internet social media. If you perform freelance work as an independent contractor... Read More »

How come in online forums, people quote everything before their response?

Mainly because if it is on a large thread then you will know who they are replying to. Also because that has sort of become tradition now.

How have sites like MySpace, Facebook, as well as online forums, etc changed your view of community?

I find that these online community sites are good in two respects:1. You can forge connections with new people based on shared interests. For example, connecting with people from your alma mater.2.... Read More »