Online Spelling Bee Activities?

Answer Preparing for a spelling bee takes much practice and exposure to many different words. Reading through the dictionary may work, but it can become boring. Go online to find the many different spelli... Read More »

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Think Tac Toe Spelling Activities?

Many teachers use games to motivate and teach their students. Virtually any subject topic can be incorporated into a game. Think Tac Toe, based on the concept of Tic Tac Toe, can be used to offer s... Read More »

How to Create Online Spelling Games?

Create online spelling games from your own spelling word lists or use spelling lists provided with games, and choose from interactive games online or games you print out to play at home or school o... Read More »

Online Spelling Game Ideas?

Students build a foundation of spelling words in elementary school. They must typically learn different lists of words each week. Boys and girls become bored quickly with simple rote memorization. ... Read More »

Spelling Bee Practice Activities?

Preparing your class for a spelling bee can involve several other engaging ways of learning about words and spelling rules.