OneNote Usage?

Answer OneNote is a word processor designed for jotting down and editing notes quickly, as well as expanding upon those notes in a variety of ways. OneNote can be used for a number of information-gatherin... Read More »

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Is cell phone usage during a storm as dangerous as corded phone usage?

No. it is much less dangerous it is not connected to a cord with electricity which is connected to an electricity pole which is high off the ground and lightning goes after something high off the g... Read More »

How to Use OneNote for More Than 60 Days?

The free trial of Microsoft's OneNote program offers users the chance to build a shareable digital notebook with text, pictures, video, custom templates and more for 60 days. However, the program c... Read More »

How to Take Screenshots With OneNote?

Partial screenshot of the former wikiHow main pageMicrosoft OneNote 2007 is a great organizational tool, but did you know that you can take screenshots and partial screenshots with it?

What is Microsoft OneNote?

In the digital world, data are constantly coming in and going out at the speed of light and changing by the second. Keeping up with it all can be a challenge. Enter Microsoft Office OneNote.Easy Ac... Read More »