One year old has ear infection?

Answer Ear infections are very common in babies.3out of 4 children get at least one ear infection by age 2.You should have your child looked at by a doctor and they might perscribe something for him/her.

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How come my 1 year old keeps getting ear infection And how can i help to pervent them?

Some children are prone to them . They get a cold and it begins Otitis Media ( infection of the middle ear where the fludi stays instead of draining out as it would in a more mature ear canal). Ke... Read More »

The Signs & Symptoms of an Ear Infection in a Two-Year-Old?

Ear infections are common in young children, with more than 90 percent of kids developing an ear infection by the time they reach school age, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The co... Read More »

If a two year old child were found to have aids what would be the most likely cause of the infection?

A needle or simply any other infected object that somehow established contact with the child's bloodstream. AIDS can transmit itself sexually as well as via saliva from an infected person or cough ... Read More »

If your 2 year old is diagnosed with a double ear infection, should they go swimming that same day?

You could buy the squishy ear plugs that mold to fit your ears...I constantly had ear infections growing up and had to use them a lot!By the way, these people w/rude comments should be reported...i... Read More »