One word response to this. Size 00?

Answer Totally stupid considering under traditional sizing 00 would really be closer to a 4 (i think)I think all this messed up sizing happened when there became a juniors and a womens. I am a 7 in junior... Read More »

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Im looking at two TV's one with a 4 ms response time and another with a 2 ms response time. Is a fast response time important when buying a LCD TV?

I copied this response to a similar question answered by 'A well lit garden' on Yahoo Answers. "4 ms LCD response times do help in controlling jitter. If you like watching sports, action movies or... Read More »

How did Roosevelt's response to German aggression toward Britain differ from his response to Japanese aggression toward China?

No. Grover Cleveland, US President TWICE (non-consecutively[!]) was well-known as a non-interventionist. During his second term in office, he spoke against the annexation of Hawaii. He was also aga... Read More »

How do I change the font size in Word?

Changing the Default Font SizeClick on "Format," then "Font." Select your font size on the right-side column. Click "Default," and then click "OK." Click "Yes" at the prompt. This is applicable to ... Read More »

How to Compress Image Size in Microsoft Word?

When you bring an image into a Microsoft Word document, you may end up altering it in ways that make high-resolution display or even great color depth beside the point. Word's ability to undo just ... Read More »