One vein in my wrist protruding more than usual after intense work out?

Answer It's completely normal. The veins in my hands get much more noticeable when I'm at work. Once I rest them for an extended period of time though they usually go down.

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Is it possible to feel groggy after getting even more sleep than usual?

People have a tendency to develop what is called a circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm develops when a person maintains a consistent sleep pattern. People typically sleep the amount of time they... Read More »

After more than my usual limit of two small sweet sherries, I bought a ferret that I was advised was wearing?

How do you expect anyone to suggest a name for it when we don't know what sex it is !

Is one collarbone suppose to be protruding more than the othet?

Yes, it is supposed to do such thing.Good luck!

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